We value hard work, healthy lifestyles, & suffering in community. We don't forge fitness alone, but character, perseverance, and the intangibles one can only acquire through sacrifice. This is done with others who suffer beside you, who become your friends, who ultimately keep you coming back.

"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." -Edward Stanley



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We strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model and marketing deception that is so prevalent in the industry today characterized by quick fix pills, cheap gimmick machines and over-hyped DVDs. We believe that true health and fitness cannot be found in magazines who prop up their headlines and ads with air brushed images and starving models.

Simply put, CrossFit Tustin is and will be fueled by trainers and members that value community and hard work. We offer our clients the motivation, means and support to realize their full potential while surpassing previous limitations and personal goals.

We are not in the business of quick fixes or superficial changes, our pursuit is the total transformation of lifestyle and overall health. No gimmicks, frills or false promises, PERIOD.





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Hey guys we have some changes coming your way! We have sent out questions and we are responding to the answers in the best way possible. Your feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated, so here are some new things going down at CrossFit Tustin!
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7 Reasons Why CrossFit Isn’t Working For You...Yet!
Coach's Corner
#1) Your Diet Never Changed - You took the very important step and started training. You pushed past the stage of feeling like a fish out of water and now you actually enjoy it (for the most part). Your hard work in the gym however isn't translating into the body changes you thought would immediately follow. Wait for it... Your diet still stinks. You eat sugar, wheat, processed foods and drink alcohol just like you did before you trained. Maybe you throw some kale in to feel good about it but your diet generally remains the same. You are now building muscle while your diet supports the less desirable physical traits. The simple fix is an honest assessment and the willingness to adjust your diet. Get a friend or coach to keep you accountable.
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CrossfitTustin Our very own Tuffy Gosewisch just hit his first major league solo home run AT Wriggly Field!!! Congrats man, you... http://t.co/eog4avhPwh
CrossfitTustin We have 6 3-day passes to The CrossFit Games SoCal Regionals in Del Mar, CA May 23-25th. Tickets are $50 for all... http://t.co/mQuln90jsY
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