We value hard work, healthy lifestyles, & suffering in community. We don't forge fitness alone, but character, perseverance, and the intangibles one can only acquire through sacrifice. This is done with others who suffer beside you, who become your friends, who ultimately keep you coming back.

"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." -Edward Stanley



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We strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model and marketing deception that is so prevalent in the industry today characterized by quick fix pills, cheap gimmick machines and over-hyped DVDs. We believe that true health and fitness cannot be found in magazines who prop up their headlines and ads with air brushed images and starving models.

Simply put, CrossFit Tustin is and will be fueled by trainers and members that value community and hard work. We offer our clients the motivation, means and support to realize their full potential while surpassing previous limitations and personal goals.

We are not in the business of quick fixes or superficial changes, our pursuit is the total transformation of lifestyle and overall health. No gimmicks, frills or false promises, PERIOD.





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Define Your Goals
Coach's Corner

Define Your Goals & Then Attack Them

It’s hard to achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are. Likewise, it is hard to get out of training what you want out of it if you haven’t clearly identified that for yourself and for your coaches. This is where we come in to help with the clarification process. We created a questionnaire that we want you to fill out.

This questionnaire will allow us to identify where goals overlap for CFT Members so we can best address these and help you achieve them. These questions will give us as a staff the ability to increase our effectiveness in answering questions, working skills into warm-ups, preparing clinics etc…Your part is simple and will take you a couple minutes. Please click this link and fill out the Questionnaire!


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Why should I do the Lurong Diet Challenge?
The answer is clear, summer is coming and people see results like they never thought possible. Fine... appealing to vanity may not be the most noble thing but Summer IS coming and there are more reasons too. Once or twice a year we work hard to get as many people as we can to sign on to limiting the kinds and amounts of food that they eat. Why do we advocate this clear and blatant infringement upon personal freedom and choice? Simply put, the keys to our health are more closely linked to the food we eat than even the training we do. We work hard in the gym and we want to see results. The Lurong challenge will help with that.

Lurong Living hosts these challenges a couple times a year and they have worked out all the kinks. You will sign up with Lurong Living, choose our gym and we as a community will partake in this together. We will take body measurements, log food, log the workouts and enjoy our results together.

This time around there will be 3 different levels of the challenge that you can choose from:

Starter- Least restrictive for food and serves as an introduction into eating healthy. It is designed as a stepping stone to longer term diet and lifestyle choices. This is good for anyone just starting out and getting his or her feet wet in living a healthier lifestyle.

Pro- More restrictive on food and drink choices but does allow some dense carbohydrates that may be good for athletes with a high training volume. This level still focuses on eating high quality whole foods with some key allowances like quinoa, rice and oatmeal.

Elite- Most restrictive and can still meet the demands of high volume training but it takes more work. This level is good for those with experience eating the Paleo Diet or those athletes looking to lose weight. This will serve as a hard reset to your body and focus a lot of attention on removing pro-inflammatory foods from your daily diet. Recommended for weight loss or anyone with digestion issues.

Click Here to see Level's Page

There will also be 3 different levels of the Challenge Workouts to choose from as well. Crossfit Tustin over the next 5 weeks (starting 5/11) will explore what a structured and disciplined diet can do for our training and lives in general. On top of that we get the added benefit of looking and feeling better. Check the challenge out and Sign up at Lurongliving.com. Stick to it, Train hard, Get the results.
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