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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Coach's Corner
Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals & Then Attack Them

It’s hard to achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are. Likewise, it is hard to get out of training what you want out of it if you haven’t clearly identified that for yourself and for your coaches. This is where we come in to help with the clarification process. We created a questionnaire that we want you to fill out.

This questionnaire will allow us to identify where goals overlap for CFT Members so we can best address these and help you achieve them. These questions will give us as a staff the ability to increase our effectiveness in answering questions, working skills into warm-ups, preparing clinics etc…Your part is simple and will take you a couple minutes. Please click this link and fill out the Questionnaire!


Posted by on in Nutrition
Why should I do the Lurong Diet Challenge? The answer is clear, summer is coming and people see results like they never thought possible. Fine... appealing to vanity may not be the most noble thing but Summer IS coming and there are more reasons too. Once or twice a year we work hard to get as many people as we can to sign on to limiting the kinds and amounts of food that they eat. Why do we advocate this clear and blatant infringement upon personal freedom and choice? Simply put, the keys to our health are more closely linked to the food we eat than even the training we do. We work hard in the gym and we want to see results. The Lurong challenge will help with that.

Lurong Living hosts these challenges a couple times a year and they have worked out all the kinks. You will sign up with Lurong Living, choose our gym and we as a community will partake in this together. We will take body measurements, log food, log the workouts and enjoy our results together.

This time around there will be 3 different levels of the challenge that you can choose from:

Starter- Least restrictive for food and serves as an introduction into eating healthy. It is designed as a stepping stone to longer term diet and lifestyle choices. This is good for anyone just starting out and getting his or her feet wet in living a healthier lifestyle.

Pro- More restrictive on food and drink choices but does allow some dense carbohydrates that may be good for athletes with a high training volume. This level still focuses on eating high quality whole foods with some key allowances like quinoa, rice and oatmeal.

Elite- Most restrictive and can still meet the demands of high volume training but it takes more work. This level is good for those with experience eating the Paleo Diet or those athletes looking to lose weight. This will serve as a hard reset to your body and focus a lot of attention on removing pro-inflammatory foods from your daily diet. Recommended for weight loss or anyone with digestion issues.

Click Here to see Level's Page

There will also be 3 different levels of the Challenge Workouts to choose from as well. Crossfit Tustin over the next 5 weeks (starting 5/11) will explore what a structured and disciplined diet can do for our training and lives in general. On top of that we get the added benefit of looking and feeling better. Check the challenge out and Sign up at Stick to it, Train hard, Get the results.

Posted by on in Community
Kevin's Superfrog 70.3 Summary

Hey CFT, read about Kevin's experience competing in a half Ironman a couple weeks back. We are stoked to highlight some of the adventures that get done outside the gym! These stories help remind us that we aren't just getting fit to put up numbers in the gym but our training enhances our ability to pursue other athletic goals and aspirations as well. Enjoy and thanks Kevin for writing this up!

Okay to start with I was ready for a great race and looking forward to a personal best in several areas. Well, Mother Nature had different plans for all of us racers. For those not all that familiar with the 70.3 distance it consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mike bike, and 13.1 mile run.

Posted by on in Nutrition
5 Things To Consider While Grocery Shopping

The grocery store has so many choices often stamped with a matrix of certifications carrying with it the justification for a higher price. It can be time consuming and burdensome to figure out what to buy from your local grocery store if you don't have a framework that you use to select products. Below I compiled my priorities when purchasing food.

Posted by on in Community
CFT UPDATES Hey guys we have some changes coming your way! We have sent out questions and we are responding to the answers in the best way possible. Your feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated, so here are some new things going down at CrossFit Tustin!
7 Reasons Why CrossFit Isn’t Working For You...Yet! #1) Your Diet Never Changed - You took the very important step and started training. You pushed past the stage of feeling like a fish out of water and now you actually enjoy it (for the most part). Your hard work in the gym however isn't translating into the body changes you thought would immediately follow. Wait for it... Your diet still stinks. You eat sugar, wheat, processed foods and drink alcohol just like you did before you trained. Maybe you throw some kale in to feel good about it but your diet generally remains the same. You are now building muscle while your diet supports the less desirable physical traits. The simple fix is an honest assessment and the willingness to adjust your diet. Get a friend or coach to keep you accountable.

Posted by on in Community
The Fitness Experiment I spend a lot of time in the gym and I love the stories I get to hear from my fellow CrossFitters. These are radical stories about changed lives that are significant on every level. These are stories about weight loss, going off medication, smashing old pre-conceived notions of what's physically possible, and more. Very significant things happen here in the gym, things that don't just stay in the gym but have the ability to improve the kind of people we are outside of the gym as well. Often what we don't realize is that we are all in the process of becoming certain kinds of people. That can be a good thing or a bad thing :)
Tagged in: Community Fitness
More Energy, Less Fat, Better Workouts, Better Sleep!? You Must Be Paleo It is time to take a close look at what you are putting into your body as fuel! We train hard in the gym but often we don't help our body outside of the gym by taking care with the food we eat. The deal is this... Our health, our fitness, and our well being require a lifestyle that supports those ends. On top of healthy rhythms of life, we need to take a close look at what we are putting in our body on a daily basis.
Tagged in: Contest Lurong Paleo

Posted by on in Community
Beach WOD Hey everyone! We will be doing a Saturday morning workout at the beach this Saturday!!! We will cart the equipment down to Newport and have fun working out and swimming!

After the WOD we will either stay at the beach and play or go to the NLI to support our athletes competing: Stephen Miller, Stephanie Garcia, and Dionne.

Posted by on in Community
Upcoming Events! 8/17/13 - Saturday
WOD Gear Team Series:
Jevon and Coach Kong will be competing on a Team From CF Red Wolf

8/24/13 - Saturday
NLI Battleground Series:
Stephen Miller and Stephanie Garcia will be competing

Posted by on in Community
New Schedule Info

We have added new class times to our schedule!! The new times are as follows...

5AM with Coach Kong Monday, Wednesday & Friday! Get your early rising booties out of bed and hit the weights in the dark!

12pm & 3:30pm daily Come check these classes out. These times are no longer limited to 2x week but open every weekday.

Posted by on in Coach's Corner
So, that was fun, I think...

Now that 13.1 is in the books, we have to look forward to 13.2 and beyond, but how do we put 13.1 behind us if we STILL FEEL 13.1?! All of us have our own recovery plans that we follow, but with the Open upon us, recovering is the key to performance. I wanted to talk about a few key elements that can help in the recovery process and hopefully get us better prepared for future WODs.

Posted by on in Community

Undergound GroupI am writing this on behalf of Tim, myself and the CrossFit Tustin Team. Some big changes are happening shortly and we wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed. Within the next several weeks we will be moving gym locations from our current space on Edinger Ave to a new space off of Walnut and Bentley less than a mile away. The gym is 12,500 square feet and we will have a 3,000 square feet Physical Therapy Clinic called West Coast Rehabilitation Specialists within the gym as well. This is a huge move and we are super excited to bring the community into this process. Before we continue, let's look back for a moment.

Posted by on in CrossFit and Women

The following article is from the Oakland County Crossfit site. I'd prefer to write my own material, but this article is great as it is and very needed. Why tamper with what is already great.

As a gym owner, I routinely encounter resistance from women when they find out that they will be lifting weights. They immediately state that they have the kind of body type that "bulks" up real easily. Almost every woman I know believe she possess the special genetic proclivity for bulking.

Posted by on in Nutrition


Please submit orders here by Friday June 21st, 10PM

During our pilot program quantities are limited.
We will do our best to fill all requests and suggest you order as early as possible to guarantee your meals.

MON 6/24

Paleo meatloaf, caponata, spinach frittata $12

TUE 6/25

Chicken stroganoff, roasted sweet potatoes, curry and ham peas $12

WED 6/26

Pork bratwurst, caramelized cabbage, onion and green beans frittata $12

THUR 6/27

Brisket, squash puree, bacon kale $12

FRI 6/28

Wild salmon burger on portobello mushroom, jicama and mixed green with ginger dressing $12


Chia seed pudding $4

Almond milk, organic seasonal fruit, cinnamon, almonds, honey
(great for dessert or breakfast)

Please submit orders here by Friday June 21st, 10PM


2682 Walnut Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780



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