CFT April '19 Newsletter

Congratulations and Thank you! 🏼

As a community you guys did some awesome stuff this last month, and for that we want to say "Thank you!"
  • You put your fitness to the test with the 2019 Crossfit OPEN
  • Saved lives donating your blood to the So Cal Blood bank
Level Method Retest Cycle Coming Up!

Back in January, a lot of you took on the beefy Level Method Fitness Assessment and got a baseline to start the year off. 

Starting May 20th (monday), and for the two weeks following, we will be retesting to measure our improvement and see how our work has been paying off.

If you missed out on the last testing cycle, NO WORRIES. This will be your chance to create your baseline in order to assess your weaknesses and measure improvement

The last testing cycle of the year will be in September.
Outdoor Beach Team Competition: Tribal Clash
When: 15 - 16 JUNE 2019


What is Tribal Clash?

Tribal Clash is a unique team competition for teams of 6 athletes (3 men and 3 women) which takes place entirely on the beach.

From beginners to elite athletes; the events are designed to be true team events, testing work capacity as a team.

Crossfit Tustin will be trying to put together 2-3 teams of members looking to get outside and have some fun, so give us a holler if you and your friends want to be part of team.

Team Registration closes at the end of this Month (April)

Watch this video to find out what to expect from Tribal Clash!

Understanding Body Composition

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you've given your bodyweight some serious thought. You are probably in one of three camps:
  1. I am trying to lose weight
  2. I like my weight and I want to maintain
  3. I want to put on weight
Let's quickly clarify that what we are actually talking about when we say "weight" is more accurately referred to as body composition.

Body composition refers to the various tissues and fluids that make up our total weight. We can generalize these into two categories:
  • Functional Mass: serves a purpose
    • Skeletal Muscle and Bones
    • Other organs and Fluids
  • Non-functional Mass: excess stored body fat
    • You need some, but not much
We get a lot of value when we understand our body composition (mass) relative to our performance (function) inside and outside of the gym. This is exactly why we have an InBody Scanner.

So maybe rethink those three camps from earlier through this lens:
  1. I am trying to lose non-functional mass
  2. I want to maintain my weight and improve my performance
  3. I want to add functional mass in order to improve performance

If you want to know what your body composition is, the InBody scanner can accurately measure it in under 5 min before your next class. Just ask any one of the coaches. 
"What gets measured, gets managed." - Peter Drucker

Do you like to do more than the Class WOD?

Often times more working out does not equate to more fitness.

If you are regularly tempted by this mindset, do yourself a favor and read this. We all know the old saying, "Work smarter, not harder."
(reading is sexy... like rich's overhead position)
The Black Keys... ever heard of 'em?

If not, here you go... you're welcome.

Their latest release is fire.

Do you have a Spotify account? 

  (if not... you're missing out)

Because CrossFit Tustin has their own Member Curated Collaborative Playlist

What do this mean for you?  ... big things

You can add your favorite workout jams (not explicit) to this baby and see if your track gets played during your sweat sesh. click below


Name: Ralph Garcia

Regular Class: 3:30pm

Place or Origin: Placentia, California
If you like your family, tell us a little about them. (Married/Kids/Siblings/Parents)

R: I’ve been married for seven years and couldn’t be happier.

What is your current occupation? (Student/Stay at home Parent/Nine to Fiver/Retired)

R: I’m the Post Production Manager for a cabinet company.

What do you love to do for fun?

R: I enjoy hiking, fishing, and boating up and down the Colorado River.

Favorite music?

R: 90s Hip Hop

What is one of your main goals here at the gym?

R: To get my Crossfit Total over 1000 lbs.
Do you drink coffee?

Do you add creamer to your coffee?

Try this next time... it's nutritious and delicious and more importantly, they have it at some local Costco locations!

Do you have some "goods" to contribute?
Send 'em my way.

Also, feel free to share this with someone who needs it.


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