CFT March '19 Newsletter

Thirst Project Charity WOD:

This Saturday (March 2nd) during regular class times (8, 9, 10am) we are going to be working out for good cause!

Our very own Kevin Chrisman is partnering with some great local companies to raise money for the Thirst Project. They are on a mission to end the global water crisis through education and sustainable builds. 

You can help out by purchasing a raffle ticket at the gym on saturday for a chance to win some sweet gear or by donating. 
Donate here
Blood Drive:
Here is a very unique and special way to share your health and wellness with those in need.  

The Southern California Blood Blank plays an important role in saving the lives of those who need blood. See their stories here
Please join us in donating WEDNESDAY MARCH 13th from 2 - 7pm - CFT parking lot.

If interested, SIGN UP ONLINE HERE or the sign up sheet is on the whiteboard at the gym.

Donor FAQs
19.6 (Beer Mile):

The Open workouts might be unknown, but at least we can rest in peace knowing the final event.

The  Beer Mile - a true test of real world fitness.
Join us Friday night March 22nd after the last Open workout for some shenanigans and tacos.

(it was so rad last year, someone threw up!)
Rethink Intensity

Try this: Weekly Training Mindset - "Fast and Slow"

Pick a day of the week to go as hard as you possibly can - maximize your "score". Alternatively, pick another day of the week to slow things down to really practice each movement at a level that pushes your current skill. 

I hope you'll find that both can be very intense.

"Write quickly and you will never write well; write well and you will soon write quickly."      - Quintilian

The 5 Factors of Health

What are the factors that we need to take into consideration when we’re trying to improve our health? Ben Bergeron, owner of Crossfit New England and coach to some of the top athletes in CrossFit, breaks health down into five main factors.

1. EAT

Real food, not too much, mostly plants. What you eat dictates your hormones and how your body functions.


7-9 hours a night, every night. Sleep matters! It matters so much that Bergeron even put it above training.


5x a week of constantly varied, functional movements at relative high intensity. This may seem like an obvious one for our community, but I think it's placement on the list below eat and sleep is very telling.


Never whine, never complain, never make excuses. The power of positive thought is real and the way you think about things matters.


Build, sustain, & grow deep relationships. Just like you don't get fit by chance, this one takes intentionality. Connect with people!

Here is a podcast episode of Ben breaking down each of the 5 Factors of Health

Here is a video of that episode

Do you have a Spotify account? 

  (if not... you're missing out)

Because CrossFit Tustin has their own Member Curated Collaborative Playlist

What do this mean for you?  ... big things

You can add your favorite workout jams (not explicit) to this baby and see if your track gets played during your sweat sesh. click below

new shirts are coming soon, keep an eye out...

Do you have some "goods" to contribute?
Send 'em my way.

Also, feel free to share this with someone who needs it.



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