The needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind.
— Greg Glassman (Crossfit Founder)

CrossFit is General Physical Preparedness

CrossFit is the most effective functional fitness training program. Through the combination of weight training, basic gymnastics, and “cardio” movements, you will develop a well rounded fitness that responds best to the demands Life places on you. All of the movements are scalable to any skill and fitness level. Improvements in Strength, Flexibility, Conditioning, Cardiovascular Capacity, and Endurance are just some of the benefits you can expect from our CrossFit Program.

We view all human movement as a skill. Luckily for us, the better we move in the gym, the better we’ll move in Life. When you can move well through life, you enjoy it alot more.

3 Ways to Engage with Classes

We have two types of Classes on our schedule, Crossfit and REDLINE. The Crossfit Class has two tracks you can follow, Fitness and Performance



Our Fitness Track is our Crossfit Program for the Everyday Athlete.

Our Fitness track is for those who understand that regular exercise is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Fitness is our meat and potatoes and is for the vast majority of the athletes who do Crossfit. Fitness is not a watered down version of Performance, but a version that allows you to maintain the kind of intensity that makes Crossfit effective for a lifetime. It is delivered everyday in our Crossfit Classes.


  • You want to make training part of a healthy lifestyle

  • You want to improve quality of movement, functional strength, and conditioning

  • You know that Form follows function - Look Good Naked




Our Performance Track is for athletes who want to Compete in the Sport of Fitness.

Crossfit has created a new sport, the Sport of Fitness. Leaderboards, points, rules, and the will to win can now be added to your fitness regimen. In our Performance track, the weights are heavier, the skills are more advanced, and you’ll be held to a higher standard. Mastery of the basics is essential and therefore this track is for the dedicated few. There is no room for elitism or bad attitudes and we always prioritize having a good time with those around you. This track is delivered daily in our Crossfit Class and any supplemental work, if necessary, is built upon that. Participation in this track requires regular check-ins with a coach.


  • You want to Compete in the Sport of Crossfit - functional dominance beyond competence

  • You want higher levels of Accountability

  • You want higher levels of Skill challenge - after mastery of the basics




Our REDLINE Class is Crossfit without the Barbell

We focus primarily on the conditioning aspect of Crossfit without the dedicated strength days. Do not be fooled, these are still hard workouts and will deliver a good dose of Fitness. REDLINE classes are held every weekday at 9am


  • You want to make training part of a healthy lifestyle

  • You want to primarily focus on bodyweight exercises and conditioning

  • You know that Form follows Function - Look Good Naked