Our Elements Program is designed to safely introduce you to Crossfit Training.


Are you nervous about trying Crossfit?


Have you worked out alot but have never tried Crossfit?


Do you want to try out Crossfit to see if you will like it?


Would you like to learn proper technique for exercising?


If you are new to Crossfit or you need a refresher on the movements, our Elements Program is the place to start. After your No Sweat Intro, you’ll be paired with a coach who will take you through 4 Private Sessions. We are able to schedule these around your availability. The goal is to learn proper technique for all the major movements, maintain correct technique in a workout setting, and understand how hard to push yourself. Given that everyone learns at different speeds, you’ll have the opportunity to continue private sessions with your coach or join the classes after you finish your Elements Sessions.

Elements Process:


Private Elements• $199

  • 4 Personal Training Sessions

  • Learn the basic Crossfit movements

  • Get prepared for crossfit classes

  • Decide if you want group classes or personal training

Memberships From• $159 - $199

  • Unlimited = $199/month

  • Limited (12 classes monthly) = $179/month

  • Limited (8 classes monthly) = $159/ month

  • Your month starts the day you start


Ready to get started?

Everything starts with a No Sweat Intro…