Mission Driven


At Crossfit Tustin our mission is to create a dynamic fitness community. We serve our community through quality coaching and effective programming. It is our objective to help each client set and reach their goals. We encourage others and celebrate their successes. We strive to make Crossfit Tustin a fun welcoming place to pursue fitness and friends. 

What We Value

We value hard work.

We don't look for shortcuts.

We Support one another and treat each other and the equipment with respect.

We recognize that we are all in process and our community is strengthened by supporting each other along that road.

We recognize that fitness is not life. We want to be healthy so that we can live a fuller life outside the gym.

In a culture that peddles technological solutions and quick fixes we are explicitly counter cultural. Training is physically demanding and trying of our patience. We seek to develop character over the long haul and recognize that suffering amongst a community is inherently more powerful than going at it alone. If you are down for the process then this is the place for you.